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The Moscow Housing Ecology Committee is andependent civic organization that, until its official registration in March 1994, has acted as an initiative group. Its activities include generalization and analysis of datarelated to war medicine experiments aimed at elaboration and perfection of psychopsical weapons, conducted on RF's peaceful population.

The Committee measures electromagnetic and ionizing fluids in dwellings of citizens who complain of emanations, offers counsel on protective measures against fluids, on purification of body and dwelling of chemical substances administered to persons for enhancement of fluids' influence and gives moral support.

Organizes and conducts pickets against unlawful war medicine experiments on human beings and files petitions with Government instances; the RF President, the RF Government, the Federal Duma,the Procurator General's Office, the Federal Security Service,the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Public Health, the Moscow Mayor's Office and district authorities, demanding cessation of emission of fluds aimed against the population in dwellings, schools, armed forces and place of mass gatherings.

Takes active part in numerous ecology conferences, international congresses,whenever the occasion presents itself,addresses the public through mass media, to which it submits data; assists citirens confined in psychiatric institutions because they complain of fluids.

Our Committee's labours, exercised over many years, have brought results: the Federal Duma has passed an Amendment to Art.6 of the Federal Law "Concerning Weapons", which makes the qualification "Weapon" applicable to all emanations [microwave,infrasonic,ultrasonic, photonic].

At present we are attempting to induce the Procurator General's Office to open crimiral proccedings in connection with emission of fluids directed against humans, thus to create in Russia a judicial precedent concerning war medicince experiments on humans.

Our Committee subsides on membershipfees of the robbed and the abused, retirement, pensioners and invalids and we are dire need of material assistance, which solicit in any form [office equipment,pecuniary] from people interested in all parts of the world.

E-mail: moscomeco@mail.ru

tel: {7-495}376-49-87

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